Using “The Secret” to Get Laid.

7 Mar

Sex.  It can be fun, it can be destructive… it seems to be the only act that hold so much power in such a wide spectrum of ways.  I’ve been checking out the Law of Attraction a lot, which simply states you can draw things to you by thought power alone.  Youtube “The  Secret” to find out more.


The Law of Attraction says the harder you concentrate on bringing what you need to you the more likely you are to have success.  So why doesn’t that apply to sex?  Why is it that the most desperate people are ALWAYS desperate?  Wouldn’t that constant draw bring in something?

How does “The Secret” apply to sex?

So if you just think about sex all the time, you’ll get it all the time.  Right?  Not quite.  Humanity has sexuality totally confused.  When someone NEEDS sex, and they go to the bar every night and achieve absolutely nothing what does that say for the law of attraction?

There’s the catch.

When someone is desperate for sex, they’re not typically thinking “tonight’s the night!”, subconsciously they’re thinking “it’s been so long since I’ve gotten laid I hope this streak doesn’t last ANOTHER day.”  With that individual thought you’ve thrown the whole set up for attraction.  Its that one little negative thought that throws the whole thing out the window.  Positive thoughts have to be ALL positive.  EXAMPLE:  “I hope I don’t loose” = negative thought and “I hope I win” = positive thought.  See how that works?

Sex is usually quantity over quality.  When someone’s desperate they may finally get laid but it’s usually quick and messy and doesn’t happen with that specific partner again.  But then take someone who’s comfortable and patient and even though they may not breeze through partners they usually have much more satisfying encounters.

 HOMEWORK:  Wanna get laid tonight?  For the rest of the day, convince yourself that tonight you will get the nookie.  Keep it in your head all day, and never doubt it.  NO GUARANTEES but you could be more laid that you were yesterday.


2 Responses to “Using “The Secret” to Get Laid.”

  1. Joe Powers 19 September, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    It is best to think of getting laid as an already accomplished fact when using the law of attraction.

  2. Philippa Bathurst 26 July, 2014 at 1:51 pm #

    You attract what you ARE. If you want to get laid, believe that you are well and truly f*ck*ble and then you will start attracting the people who also believe that and want to share it with you. But you have to build up the ‘f*ck*ble vibration’ within you first, and to do that you need to imprint the belief over a few days, so that you start believing it, momentum and feelings build, synchronicities build, and then the opportunity comes.

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