Bitch, Please.

10 May

Music. The great quantum connector. It should really be considered an element – music has created more than water, moved more than air, destroyed more than fire, and is stronger and more solid than earth. Music is a theme that has recently migrated into my life as a staple, I mean music has always been a major part of my life as it is anyone’s, everyone walks to the beat of a drum or what not but music – more specifically the intense energy that it generates – has been the most influentiall part of this particular scene which is the movie of my life.


That’s what I do, I kick back and watch the flicks that my body plays out for me every day. And it hasn’t just been the same movie over and over, I haven’t been watching reruns. Each new movie is dramatically different from the previously watched film but ties in so intricately and perfectly that it’s like a series of Kevin Smith movies, sometimes the same characters pop back in but for the most part it’s just Jay and Silent Bob.


That’s me, Jay and Silent Bob.


Justin Thyme and Harvey Penn.


We watch all the bullshit go on as the smart one keeps his mouth shut and the dumbass rattles on relentlessly. I think that’s my purpose in life, like some strange traveler experiencing life in a distant tribe. Some people are driven, like they were put on this Earth with a mission. I really began to think about this a couple weeks ago when I saw Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion (except it was a solo show, so I guess Bitch – The Exciting Conclusion. She KICKED ASS but I have to admit I had been looking forward to hearing the new band in action).  PS, Stayin Alive by the BeeGees done Bitch style KICKS ASS.  Here’s a link


Anyway, this woman was born with a mission. She spends her life on the road, touring some cities that for the most part could give a shit about a dread-locked unshaved dykalicious folk singer just to bring her music to the few progressive people trapped there who truly appreciate it. I mean even though they love her on the continent’s edges she still manages to sneak in a trip through the dry middle every now and then just to serve up her stranded fans with some good Bitch Lovin.


It moves me to think there are people out there devoting their career and every ounce of their creativity to a cause they truly believe in. To think that from people like her to Bob Marley and even people like Malcom X are placed in this world to make a difference gives me faith that there is some kind of higher power. Like music, the quantum connector. It forces things to move in the direction of progression then wanes into regression.


The universe breathes.

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