I can’t believe all this money I got for my old gold jewelry!

23 Oct

I have developed a very adamant TV schedule in the mornings. I start every day at 7:30 where I watch one episode of I Love Lucy, two episodes of Roseanne, two episodes of The Cosby Show, then after that I try to become somewhat productive but often my time bleeds over into the 4 hour block of court shows that fallows.



In between all the static I’ve become fascinated with commercials. I’m sure everyone’s seen the ones I’m talking about but they either come on too early or too late for most of you to remember. They usually have something to do with getting quick cash or a quick education, nothing more stimulating than the 30 minute programs that they come on during.




My absolute favorite is the one telling you to mail in all the gold jewelry you have laying around for instant cash. And they always show the old lady that says “I had no idea I could get so much money for my gold jewelry” that went on vacation to Boca with the money she got from all the gold jewelry she had. First of all, why the hell would you put GOLD in the mail? Have you SEEN the people that work at the post office? Like they can’t spy one of those envelopes a mile away… I’ve really been wondering what the hell to do with this chest of gold doubloons thanks cash4gold.com!




The next one that I absolutely love is for medical transcription school or some other degree in a year program where the girl says “You gotta pay the bills right? They want you to go to work right? There’s no excuse, I didn’t graduate high school. I had a child young… blah blah…” When you know she barely made it through the commercial acting program at KD Studio. I know people that did those quick programs and they’re still broke, they just have a different job.




Speaking of which I went to check out a school Tuesday and it scared the living shit out of me. I’m actually getting to the point where I can say “back in my day” like “back in my day it wasn’t this freakin hard to get into a state school”.




All in due time, I guess.



In other news, VitaminWater now makes VitaminShampoo and VitaminConditioner and YEAH I got some. I got dragonfruit kiwi, and it smells great even after the shower fun is over.



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