24 Oct

After writing my blog yesterday about morning commercials on broadcast TV I began to notice more patterns on Cable channels. Yesterday as I watched the weight obsessed Janice Dickinson on Oh! I noticed the pattern of commercials was really sending me mixed messages.




Commercial One: “PHAT GIRLS” Staring Monique on Thursday night; A movie embracing morbid obesity. Mo Mo was HUGE in that movie, and they accentuated that every chance they got. See what I did there, I gave her a pet name. Because we’re tight like that.




Commercial Two: Jenny Craig. Wait – so it’s ok for Mo Mo to be fat but not me me? Why do I have to go to Jenny and not THAT bitch?




Commercial Three: Dunkin Donuts. They have a new sandwich that looks disgustingly delicious and it totally made me forget the Jenny Craig commercial I just saw.




Commercial Four: Gastric Bypass Centers of America. Or something like that. All I saw was lap bands and frightening procedures. Now that I no longer want the sandwich I’m totally confused about weather or not I’m supposed to eat the sandwich from Dunkin Donuts or throw it up?




This was on the same network that has Janice Dickinson back to back with Snapped, a show about women that go nuts and kill their families. How can one network be so totally cruel and confusing to women who are already far too self conscious about their weight?




I want that damn Donut sandwich now.


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