25 Oct

It’s 9am and I’ve been up for an hour watching YouTube.  There SERIOUSLY needs to be an interactive YouTube Channel on cable or dish or something somewhere, or is there and I’m just totally out of touch?  Anyway,  if I could sit around in my underwear and watch youtube with a remote I would be in HOG HEAVEN.

But amidst watching videos of kids getting hit in the nuts by the whole “coke + mentos = fun” trick and an art montage to Tracy Chapman’s “The Promise” I made it a point to pay attention to the comments people would leave and usually they’re the best part of the video!

First off, I was looking for “Missing” by Everything But the Girl and I found the same song by Sade.  HELLS YEAH!  I thought, I love Sade… I love the song “Missing”…  GREAT MORNING!  But no, instead it was a Sade photo montage set to the Everything But the Girl song.  My immediate response was to leave a comment saying “eh hm…  this is EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL….” But to my (shocking?) surprise there were already three PAGES of comments!

And honestly, why would I need to make MY voice known when there are already three pages of comments of people fighting over weather or not this is Sade or not…

Why do people love to fight over comments and message boards so much?  True it leaves some level on anonymity to hide behind so users can vent their frustration, but what the hell do comments like “I’m gonna kick your ass!” get accomplished on the INTERNET?

It’s just retarded.  I saw that posted on a UFO board the other day and I thought  “What are you gonna do, hop in your TELEPORTER?”.  Bullocks.  It just tickles me so much when nerds resort to online physical threats because it’s the ONLY time in their lives that they can actually use them.


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