Assless Chaps and Children Don’t Mix…

28 Oct

Every year around Halloween in the heart of Gay Dallas the strip on Cedar Springs transforms into a wild debauchery fest filled with drag queens, leather daddies, and all other matter of Faerie Folk but over the last few years it has gained noteriety in the hetero community as the top halloween festival in the area.

GREAT!  Good for them.  But the downside?  IT SUCKS.  I decided not to go this year because I just wasn’t in the spirit and now I’m glad that I didn’t.

The first time I went to the block party I dressed as the Special K fairy.  I was a raver, do the math.  I met a cute boy who me and all my friends made out with and I ended up dating for a month before discovering he was bat shit crazy and haunted my life for years to fallow.

The second block party I went to was with my ex and a bunch of friends, except by that time i had lived in the area for a few years so I had accumulated my share of exes which all managed to find me.  Not just exes but the utter scum of the gay community, anyone I had met or encountered that would rather not encounter again was there.

The third (and last) time I went was with an ex, we both dressed as hula boys, his two friends dressed as a sluttly hot lesbian angel and demoness.  We literally froze our genitals off.

Each year grew more and more lame.  This year I got reports from friends that a lot of people didn’t even wear costumes and some showed up with their kids.  KIDS!  Why the HELL would you take your kids to the Gayborhood’s block party?  It’s late at night, there’s tons of booze, and uh… HALF NAKED PEOPLE EVERYWHERE…  how is that in any way appropriate or healthy for a child to be around?  One friend said he saw a kid standing next to a man in assless chaps looking rather disgusted and confused.

See that’s my major problem with it, people go for entertainment.  They don’t wear costumes, they bring their kids, they generally ruin it for the people it’s meant to celebrate and turns them into a freak show to be gawked at.  What happened to the great old days where people had respect and at least did as the Romans when in Rome?  If you’re going to go, leave the brats at home and at least throw some pantyhose over your head to try and fake a costume.

Or stick to family friendly events.


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