I know what boys like… 3 convincing FTM’s.

3 Nov

About a year or two ago I caught a documentary on Logo called “Transamerica” which fallowed several people through their gender reassignment process.  Although I was extensively intrigued there was one section that really disturbed me…

At one point in the movie two female-to-males were giving their stories.  They were both living as full-time men and were fairly attractive men at that.  As I watched the documentary the two started to wrestle and I will admit there was a definite stir in my nether regions…

“HOLY SHIT,” I thought, “What was that?”  I didn’t know what to think of my feelings, it was like the first time I really realized that I liked boys.  I didn’t know if I should interpret what I just saw as homoerotic or lesbian erotic and furthermore I didn’t know which way my mind was going with it.

Did that make me a lesbian?

I was so confused.

This morning though I felt a little better as I found these featured members on gay.com.  All the members detailed were born female but lived as men, and  are totally hot!  It totally made me feel alot better about my straying homosexuality.

Guy 1:  22/FTM/Massachusetts.  I’ve got some serious straight girl envy going on here.  Girls complain all the time about drag queens being hotter than they are, well I would kill for a body like this guy.

Guy 2:  40/FTM/California.  Usually my tranniedar is set off initially by the eyes but this guy totally fooled me, his whole face just screams “man”.

Guy 3:  32/FTM/Oregon.  This KILLS me because this dude was born a CHICK and has more facial hair than I do.  This wouldn’t be the first woman that’s had more facial hair than me though.

3 Responses to “I know what boys like… 3 convincing FTM’s.”

  1. ulla 4 November, 2008 at 5:24 pm #


  2. Lauren 19 February, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

    The first one is given away by the unusually large nips for a dude.
    The other two…holy shit.

  3. dunderbrain! 20 February, 2009 at 5:41 am #

    Yeah he kinda has the two pepperoni’s on a pizza thing going on.

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