Rise Above to Defeat Prop 8

7 Nov

prop8As we ride out the wave of this recent political upheaval and await the next we’re faced with a storm of issues that many consider minor.  As we welcome in a new commander in chief we’re all faced with a number of “prayers” so to speak of; wishes we want granted and rights we want acknowledged.

Since time began there has always been a social underdog, we just happen to be at a point in history where being gay means that we are the ones that must now overcome adversity.  To many overcoming adversity means gaining acceptance from a world which has rejected them.  Why though must our lives, the one thing we control be controlled by someone else?

I think the gay community should move away from acceptance.  Marriage, in itself, is the ultimate symbol of society’s recognition.  I don’t think that marriage alone is what anyone is fighting for; it’s kind of like the Holy Grail of Gay, the last thing we have left to fight over.  I may be confused but I think we’ve gotten pretty much everything we wanted as far as gay rights go except marriage.  We can vote.  We can dress like the opposite gender, something we couldn’t do less than half a century ago.  We can even kiss in public and not break any laws.  Am I missing any?  Is there something I’m not aloud to do because of my sexuality?

As far as I can tell I live my day to day without any real bull.  When I ride the bus I sit in the back because I want to, but usually I take the train because the bus smells like pee.  I don’t pull up to McDonalds and get rejected because I’m a flaming fairy.  And if I do I call the manager or hell my lawyer even and have the little punk fired before I slap a huge discrimination lawsuit on their ass.  How is that in anyway not having gay rights?

There are many places in the US of A that aren’t this way,  so if that is true for you, AND YOU KNOW THIS, why the hell are you still living there?  Homo is where the heart is not where the homophobes live, anyone can move if they put their minds to it.  It makes my eyebrows go up when I think of all the people that let things like homophobia get to them when there’s no way you can control it.  There’s no way to control the thoughts and minds of other people, so if we want to be treated with that respect we should give others the same respect.  Instead of lashing out at someone who hates you send them love and let that hate fester in on its self until it eats them alive.

We need to pick our battles.  There are more important things in this world to worry about than acceptance from people that have no real standing in our *real* lives.  If we want to get married, book a preacher and a hall.  Get married.  Steps can be taken to go above their heads and form our own unions by doing things like only working for companies that provide benefits for same sex couples and giving your partner your Power of Attorney.  You’ll basically have everything except a marriage certificate and those just take up room on the wall.

You may consider marriage a cultural staple that you must strive for but consider that homosexuality in itself is the progression from a traditional culture so maybe a homosexual union should be another progression outside of traditional marriage.  If they won’t give us what they believe isn’t ours why not just make up our own?  Nobody holds the copyright to marriage and nobody has sole legal right to the title being married.

You may say “but I shouldn’t have to work that hard to have equal rights” but I say bull.  In my view we were all put here for a reason and if you sincerely believe that homosexuality isn’t a choice and you were made the way you are then I believe you were made that way for a reason.  This is a revolution we are in right now, and even though it’s scoffed at by some it’s a strong and powerful war to all of us.  For the first time in a half a century though this isn’t a revolution against the law this a revolution against a long outdated paradigm that hangs over this country like a tattered old beehive wig suffocating the population.  We don’t live in The Land of the Free we live in the land of Lets Screw Over the System so get with the times and figure out how to make the system work for you instead of against you.  Let your voice be heard by going over their heads, do what the hell you want to do and don’t ever let a law tell you no.  We’re born with free will and the knowledge or right and wrong, we need to use it.

I’m in no way against gay marriage but at the same time we shouldn’t be so disheartened – or distracted – by it.  We can’t let one tiny law engulf all of our attention when there’s an entire world out there getting screwed over.  Although we should never silence our voices we need to accept, for now, that we’re going to have to find other avenues of domestic partnership.  We need to take a minute every day and realize our roles in the world as a form of minority instead of ignoring it and be thankful for the distance we’ve come and the rights we have and find ways to help other people getting crapped on to get theirs.  Activism is like having super powers, we have to use them for the benefit of others but we can’t waste all of our Life Energy fighting Magneto.  He’s got a ton of underlings waiting for a POW!  And a CRUNCH! Too that desperately needs our attention.

One Response to “Rise Above to Defeat Prop 8”

  1. JerBear 16 November, 2008 at 10:21 am #

    You know my mother and her “wife” have been together almost 12 years now. They don’t need a marriage certificate.
    Sure they have exchanged vows, and what more do you really need?

    Hell her wife even found a way to include her on Lockheed Martin’s insurance and pay for a major stomach operation that woulda cost my mom bookoo bucks.

    I say phooey to the whole marriage idea. I mean seriously, the only thing that comes with marriage is divorce 🙂 I don’t need a 8×11 paper to tell me that i’m bound to someone.

    You are right too justin, its the last thing Gays have to fight for. We got our TV channels, we got our radio personalitys, we got insurance and healthcare, and we even got a protected status under the law.
    now we’re just looking for an excuse to make all those men buy us pretty rings 🙂

    We live in Texas and its all gravy, i think we’ve come along way as it is 🙂 Proposition 8 is just a bullshit law put into motion by a bunch of homophobes trying to bring us down… DONT LET THE MAN BRING YOU DOWN, MAN!

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