Hop a train… (random editorial just to keep my mind sharp)

10 Nov

So the day after my “me date” to the Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion concert a couple nights ago I decided to take a mini-me vacation to the big city of Austin TX for yet another B+TEC concert.  I know it’s repetitive but I’m telling ya, The Bitch puts on an amazing show!

So I hopped a train.  It was a smooth little 4 hour trip, I filled it with like a season of 30 Rock and that newer Final Fantasy movie that makes me cry *every* time.  I really just unwound, you know?  I had never been on a long-distance train ride and I don’t know if I will EVER travel any other way again, no matter if it does take a few days longer.

So after making it to Austin and catching up with a few friends we headed to the Mohawk Club in downtown.  I have to say I love Austin because it’s really just FULL of HOT people.  Sure they’re all dirty stinkin hippies but they’re HOT hippies.  I was surprised at how many hot little gay bois were there – and then it totally hit me.  All the little gay bois that I thought were so hot, yeah… they were WOMYN.  Yes, womyn with a Y.

I totally got thrown back to that FTM blog I wrote a little while back.  I decided that if I don’t find myself attracted to drag queens but I do find myself attracted to drag kings it’s ok because it’s my brain’s gender-recognition censor going a little bit retarded.  And I know it’s ok.  I don’t mind accepting the fact that I’m quite possibly mildly attracted to drag kings, I can hang with that.  I still likes me a man though.  A real man with real man hormones, gets me every time.  I’m just not cut out to be a lesbian.


So the weekend was productive.  I saw 2 great shows.  I saw some great friends.  I drank enough to kill a horse, AND I found out and dealt with the idea that I’m mildly attracted to drag kings… along with some other belabored points that I’ve mentally put to rest.  One thing I’ve really discovered lately is you don’t have to make something a part of your life to accept it.  I’m usually a very good judge of what does and doesn’t have a place in my life and I guess I’ve always thought in order to be a “good” person you have to be the bigger person, you have to take the high road, you have to listen to that little voice that tells you what it thinks the “right thing” is to do but frankly sir I disagree.  I think it’s good to be selfish, it’s good to be an immature little prick sometimes if it means that you’re not sacrificing your dignity to be someone that you know in your heart you are not.  Dear god vacations do wonders no matter how short they are.

I think for my birthday I’ll do something like take the AMTRAK to Austin and get a room in the sleeping car all the while mixing my own drinks.  Now that’ll be a party.

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