Obamachrist Syndrome

12 Nov

obama_shep_print_final2In the movie “Idiocracy”, the population of the USA in the year 2505 has completely deteriorated mentally and watch shows called “ow my balls” and eat at the hamburger joint “Buttfuckers”. Luke Wilson plays a man who wakes up from a 500 year cryogenic nap and is discovered to be the smartest man on the world. Through the comedy of the movie I believe this pretty accurately depicts the popular “Obamachrist” syndrome that we’re starting to see more now.

This doesn’t apply to 100% of Obama supporters at all, I support Obama but realize that he is just a man and he, like any human, can only accomplish so much when the country is this far gone. However, a huge chunk of the population seems to think that Obama is an earthly representation of god who is here to save the nation. He can fix foreign relations, the economy, employment, AIDS, cancer, ignorance… basically he’s “Here to end the dust bowl and make the crops grow. And fix the ecomony. And the nu…. Nu… nuclear reactor in florida… that’s broken or leaking or something…” (Idiocracy).

Then there’s their polar opposite: those who think he’s here to destroy the world. I can’t tell you how many myspace bulletins I’ve come across (from people I had to delete) about how Obama is setting up camps to start a Marxist martial law of some kind or he’s got a speculated alternate agenda for the world. There are more conspiracy theories building up about him even before he’s even in office than there are about Area 51. They all come along with links to retarded watch dog websites like PrisonPlanet.com and “Fox News”.

I really love the idea of Barak Obama being president because, even though he may not be the savior of man, he brings an amazing hope and positivity to the entire world. The symbol he represents, the positive motion of the country he brings inspires people to look forward to the future. I was amazed to see how many people around the world; so many countries were celebrating the AMERICAN presidential election because to them it meant if the mighty America can change so can they.

People are twisted though, and very fickle. Right now he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and he’s already becoming the most loved president in the past 100 years or so. The last person to have this much appeal and charisma was JFK, and really if he can answer the prayers he promised we could actually have a president that people love for the first time in a decade. Like Clinton was before he went all Manwhore.

And honestly Bush has made me loose a lot of faith in conspiracy theories. I don’t even want to get my hopes up for Obama instituting some kind of Marxist martial law. If Bush didn’t bring about the New World Order in 8 years I’m not confident Obama will either. At least it would be SOME kind of change.


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