Cuz Runnin Thangs Be Hard and Stuff… The “graceful exit” of a Dictator.

13 Nov

I think he got lost.

I think he got lost.

After nearly a decade of fumbling through running a country and a foreign war President Dub-Ya looks back on the “key moments he regrets”.  I wasn’t surprised in the least that he left out quite a few…

It seems now old Dub-Ya wants to leave the country on good terms…  I think there’s a few too many dead on his clock for that.  And no, the hundreds of thousands of “casualties” didn’t make it to his list, nor did single handedly destroying the American economy.  However that little banner he hung in the backdrop at his 2003 speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln was.  Apparently he feels like it may have conveyed the wrong message…  Personally I think dropping billions down the drain on the war is a little bit larger of a screw up than a bad décor judgment.

Another on his list wasn’t his utter disregard for the strange, fan dangled contraption called a “Teleprompter” and butchering the English language every time he speaks, but he did regret a few things he said like wanting Bin Ladin “Dead or Alive” and telling Al Queda to “Bring it On.”  Apparently a bit too late Laura told him “hey, as president of the United States, be careful what you say.”  Seriously?  YOU THINK?  Isn’t that one of those common sense things you’re supposed to know before taking the job?  Telling Al Queda to bring it on… didn’t they already do that, and isn’t there still a huge scar on the skyline of New York because of it?

Of the new president and his transition he says he feels Obama will bring a sense of family to the white house and hopes that he and Laura Bush did as well…  Yeah, with a couple alcoholic daughters in and out of legal trouble and a wife that’s face is permanently plastered in a fake fruit smile, not to mention good ol Dub-Ya heading up the whole household…  Only the Baldwin family could have given the White House more of a bizarre air, Obama doesn’t have far to stretch.

In a radio address he gave since the 2008 landslide election he stated that he would give Obama “Unprecedented Effort” to help with the transition…  I’m sure!  At this point the presidency is like a flaming paper bag full of dog poo, you hand it off to some dumb sap waiting to take it off your hands and RUN.  I’m sure they’ve already taken away his laser printer and money paper and I’m sure he’s already peeled the stickers off his rubik’s cube so I doubt that’s still maintaining his attention, he may as well get up off his ass and get some work done before he gets to shoot at Mexicans with Cheney back in Texas all day.

Bush is getting off way too easy with his “graceful” exit.  We should be aloud to throw rotten fruit at him as he cowers out of office like any other leader that’s hated by most of the world.  At the end of the day this graceful exit will pale in comparison to his 8 years of crimes against humanity.  One thing I’m SURE this man will not be remembered for is GRACE.


One Response to “Cuz Runnin Thangs Be Hard and Stuff… The “graceful exit” of a Dictator.”

  1. z-thug 13 November, 2008 at 4:37 pm #

    barack loves it when you call him ‘big papa’

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