16 Nov

Jim "Satan" DeMint


I’ve been noticing a lot, especially in the wake of the revolution that the majority of the Republican Party doesn’t even exist on the same plane of reality as the rest of the country, or each other for that matter.  Jim DeMint, a Republican representative from South Carolina recently spoke to GOP officials in Myrtle Beach and, of course, had some good old fashioned Republican style criticism to throw around.

It seems to me that every Republican seems to now have different opinions as to what it means to be a Republican.  Sen. DeMint seems to think that the foundation of the party consists of freedom, RELIGIOUS BASED VALUES, and limited government.  Do those three seem to contradict to anyone else?  How are we free if we have values based upon what a small group of Americans believe?  The country was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, not “freedom and religious based values”.  To me his vision of the Republican Party is essentially un-American.

DeMint sincerely believes this is what ALL Americans want.  Or at least real Americans, not dirty peace lovin hippies. He seems to think that a country who just elected it’s first black president who is a religious neutral and an extreme liberal BY A HUGE LANDSLIDE really do prefer a traditional government.  What planet does this man live on?  Oh wait… he’s from South Carolina, a state that John McCain won… but according to DeMint even John McCain abandoned their parties values by supporting amnesty for illegals and, god forbid, supports GLOBAL WARMING which everyone knows is a liberal ploy.  His state also helped elect Bush the Evil who he criticizes for straying from the party’s core values.  I thought Bush embodied the party pretty well, HE’S PURE EVIL.

So tell me, what are Republican Values again?  Bush seems to feel they include taking the oil from the rest of the world and seizing power as he sees fit all the while flushing billions of dollars down the toilet.  McCain seems to think that if he says the word Maverick enough people will think he’s cool so that’s kind of a Republican value (can anyone name something else he really stood for?  He was like the Kerry of 2008…).  DeMint however is living in a dimension that I would LOVE to visit.  In this parallel dimension there is no such thing as non-Christian religion, glacial ice is solid as a rock and global warming is some hippie mumbo jumbo somewhat like Tarot Cards and Astrology.  Or their pagan god PAN.  I bet the man still has a Black and White TV he watches Howdy Doody on every morning.

How long will this party claw at each others faces before it completely falls apart?  Seriously, why do they keep letting idiots like DeMint and Palin talk?  They don’t represent the entire party because there is no foundation to what defines that party; they’ve all become a bunch of Mavericks roaming their own direction.  The only thing that holds them together is the title “Republican”.  I just pray that they try to run Palin in 2012 so she can get her ass kicked again.


One Response to “Republicanland”

  1. JerBear 16 November, 2008 at 11:22 am #



    I’de rather have Tina Fey, at least shes funny…

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