Prop (H)8

18 Nov

kissy kissy

kissy kissy

All over the country groups have begun protesting a law that doesn’t even apply to their state, California’s PROP 8.  Why is the entire country so involved with California law?  Because Prop 8, in essence, is the Gettysburg of the Gay civil rights movement.

Last week I wrote an article about prop 8 being the last thing we have left to fight for, but as I’ve looked into it more I’ve found that’s pretty far from the truth.  Much as the United States electing its first black president is a monumental turning point for the rest of the world so is America’s stance on gay marriage.  Sure we don’t have to ride on the back of busses and we can use the same water fountains as the “straights”, many gays around the world don’t have nearly the same right.

This is one thing that brings me back to my point the other day, we’re consumed with the concept of being able to marry when gays in countries such as Guinea Bissau and Angola are considered an offense against society and are placed in labor camps.  That’s right, even now in 2008.  In countries such as Nigeria, Sudan, and Bangladesh gays can face life in prison or death.

I realize that some places in the world are still stuck in their own evolutionary caves but there’s no excuse for crimes against humanity like that.  The thing that kills me is it’s not seen as genocide or even really a hate crime by the rest of the world because homosexuals aren’t separated by the color of their skin.  In fact many people can understand the rationale behind that mentality and excuse it because they were raised to feel the same way.

As Americans we are not the richest country in the world, we’re the most SPOILED country in the world.  We don’t think about how in Iraq you can be killed by your family for dishonoring them, and in Saudi Arabia homosexuality and cross dressing are considered serious crimes against humanity and they may let you just get whipped instead of being put to death.  And the thing that KILLS me there is we DEFENDED Saudi Arabia and made them seem like angels against the evil which is Iraq, when homosexuality was completely legal there until just before the Surge.

How is it that we single out Iraq, a country that by comparison to other countries in the world had committed *moderate* crimes against humanity, and even though they have their own bucket-o-sins they had done nothing to warrant a full on bloody attack.  Why do we DEFFEND Saudi Arabia when it is STILL currently the #1 terrorist state in the world?

The real thing that kills me is all through the 2008 election people accused Obama of having suspected terrorist connections when Good Ol Dub-Ya Bush has direct connection and open communication with the GODDAMN SAUDI BIN LADINS, one of the most prominent back door terrorists in the world…

Go Figure.


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