Shame on the Makahs!!!

9 Dec

Just now my job dropped.

Imagine that.

But this time I was watching a show on IONlife tv network and they were focusing on the Makah Native American tribe and why they feel it’s unfair that they’re not aloud to whale anymore. They feel that the experience of the hunt will keep their kids from fulfilling the whole drunken Indian with a meth lab stereotype that so many tribes are falling into now – but is this really all they can see?

We’s runnin outta WHALES people! Sure, that’s the way to keep your kids off drugs. Let them kill a whale. Teen pregnancy? I got a club with a baby seal’s name all over it. How can they even claim to have a deeper connection with nature when they feel it is their right to kill on of natures most beautiful and amazing (not to mention horribly endangered) creatures? If they had this deeper connection they would see, hmm, maybe if we keep killing these animals THEY WON’T BE HERE ANYMORE.

Sure they’re not responsible for 100% of the whale’s path to extinction and the process of the kill is very humane and no part is wasted, blah blah blah that doesn’t make more whales pop up! And actually their kill method is BRUTAL, slow, and intensely painful for the whale. For an animal that is most likely more intelligent than we are and – oh yeah – there’s only a few left, no matter how deeply a culture’s religion is tied into it’s death it shouldn’t be allowed!

After reading the information from the tribe’s website at I have determined that this must be the most backwards Native American tribe I have ever seen. I am simply disgusted by them and think the government should take the rest of their land and force all three of them to work at a 7-11 in Seattle.

7 days of not smoking. I haven’t been this big of a bitch in a long time.


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