Who throws a shoe??

15 Dec

Today a man threw a shoe at the fading president.

Actually he threw two.

Everybody’s heard about it, I’m not going to sit here and rehash the entire event. The thing that did catch me was Ol Dub-Yah said afterwards “I don’t know what his beef is.” Now if there’s nothing I hate more its when the freakin old white man president tries to use that hippity hop language.

He’s not hip. He’s not cool. And he should know EXACTLY what the hell this Iraqi man’s beef be! You invaded his country, asshole! A decision you even now say was probably ill-conceived.

So still this douchebag tries to look cool. He recently put out a youtube video about Barney, his ugly little dog, and his last days in the white house. He makes a comment about how he still has a lot more to do before they leave office.

SO THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! Dub-Yah left the country to his dog for the better part of his presidency. Now that we have things like the freedom of information act, I want to see EVERYTHING that Dub-Yah signed in office, and I mean EVERYTHING. I want to see the signatures, mainly to see if it’s a paw or foot print dipped in ink on the signature line.

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