10 Goals for 2009

20 Dec

So undeniably 2008 SUCKED ASS.  I don’t know many people who have enjoyed watching Bush make a total ass out of himself during his final year, the economy falling to shit, or you choice of all the other bullshit that happened this year.  Even though I was entertained I could have totally done without ever knowing there was a woman named Sarah Palin or a woman named John McCain for that matter.  When it comes down to it they are both pure evil and there was a slight chance they could have been running our country in a few weeks.

But it’s almost over.  The 2008 Witch is nearly dead, so to speak.  Really, it can only improve from here.  After my personal liberation from a shitty relationship nearly a year ago I have battled my own barrage of demons about myself and other people that I never had the courage to do before but I’ve made it.  I’ve learned how to enjoy being single for the first time in my life.  I realized that my life doesn’t require another person in it to be satisfied, I have no need for a human security blanket anymore.

A few things that I realized is that no other love matters than the love for yourself, other people’s love is only a reflection of that.  If you don’t love yourself completely nobody else ever will.  Romantic love is not true love, it’s just a game people play.  The only true love from a relationship comes long after the romantic games are done being played and both parties involved have shed their protective masks.   One of the toughest realizations that I’ve had to come to is accepting many times I’ve felt love for another person before wasn’t real, that many of the times I felt love was a mere chemical reaction to the situation I was in not the other person involved.

I have a few goals for 2009 that now are very important to me.  Now that I can finally feel myself exiting “The Dark Time” I can piece together the things I need to make the next year awesome.

1.  I’m going to party my ass off for New Years.  Not New Years Eve even though I’m sure I’ll do some drinking, New Years Day deserves the real celebration this year.  I want to celebrate the new year coming in, and forget about the shitty one going out.

2.  I’m going to have a bitchin birthday.  For the past few years my birthday has SUCKED ASS but this year it’s going to be great.  And I’m totally taking myself out for some amazing dinner for Valentines day.

3.  Scarborough Fair, baby.  I did that this year as well but again it’s my goal.

4.  Summer in upstate NY.  As far as I know so far I get to stay the whole summer this year.  I’m going to make it a point to see NYC this year too, I haven’t gone the past few years I went.

5.  I’m really going all out for Halloween this year.  I’ve been too broke the past few years to do anything so this year I’m kicking ass and taking names.  Fuck the gayborhood block party though, I’ve totally sworn that off.

6.  I’m GOING to see the ocean.  Maybe a couple times.  I’m working on getting my passport so hopefully I’ll get to see it from a foreign shore.

7.  I want to see the Caribbean.  I’m thinking maybe next fall sometime.  I don’t care if it’s a super cheap Travelocity vacation, I need somewhere tropical this year.

8.  I’m going back to school.  I was trying for the spring but it looks more like the fall.  I really want to get it started before I turn 30!

9.  I’m really going to enjoy being 28.  I’ve got two more years of my 20’s so I really want to enjoy them.

10.  Most of all, above anything else, I want to have fun this year.  That’s all that matters really, even if none of my 9 other resolutions happen.  2009 WILL be a fun year.


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