When pitbulls try to stand upright and put on lipstick without thumbs…

23 Dec

“Thank you, sir. It is an honor to be named your ‘‘Conservative of the Year.’”  Said Sarah Palin as she chiseled down the rough edges on her hooves as HUMAN EVENTS Political Editor John Gizzi sat down to interview her in the third corner of Hell she now lives in.

WHY people are still interviewing Lilith…  I mean Palin is beyond my comprehension.  I mean yeah, she just ran for “president”… but really, was she even running at all?  Was there any question that the old white man and the gun-toting annoyance that somehow manages to stand upright would LOOSE HORRIBLY to the most inspirational, positive candidate to grace Washington with his presence?

Besides that, she states that one of her biggest mistakes was NOT GIVING ENOUGH INTERVIEWS…  Jesus, is this woman RETARDED???  The interviews she gave were what destroyed her running mate’s campaign!

Conservative politicians seem to have grown more delusional over the past year or so, I mean yeah we had a bumbling idiot in office for 8 years –



I just got it… they all caught Bush-it is!!!  It’s no surprise to me; Bush was such a giant idiot that it is spreading through the whole party like a plague.  Most liberals avoided it because, well, we’re liberals.  The symptoms of Bushitis include things being oblivious to what you do when you’re doing it, and then realizing WAAAAY too late and then talking about it publicly like its no big deal.

Prime example, refer back to a couple DUNDERBRAIN!s ago where I wrote about Dub-Ya going over his regrets which included the whole WMD “confusion” and the “We Won!” banner.  Sure, he can admit he’s wrong, whatever, blah blah blah, but then it spread to PALIN.  You know, one thing I have to give Dub-Ya is his regrets were DEAD ON, Palin is just talking nonsense.

She says she didn’t talk enough.  She didn’t spread her message to the electorate through the media enough, like breaking from her party and giving interviews to uber-christian television programming.  Well, Biden kept his mouth shut and his candidate won…

If this is the conservative of the year I’m even more confident that the Republican part will inevitably fail.  I’ve been trying to keep her name off my blog but damnit the woman just gets on my nerves SO BAD!

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