1 Jan


Sarah Palin really won me over with the Turkey Incident, and I had to write a blog about it.  I had really sworn off writing about her, you know, to avoid becoming a one-trick pony but after this happened I HAD to write about it.  I really can’t get tired of this video!

9.  Its drunk and I’m 2:30

By the title you could probably guess that I wrote this blog at 2:30am and I was at least a few sheets to the wind.  I had drank all night at the local lesbian bar, taken a cruise around the Dallas Gayborhood with Bitch and Jess to do some outta-bar catching up, then drove home when BOOM, all the alcohol from the night hit me.  I decided to blog, and I guess it came out pretty well because it made the DUNDERTEN!.

8.  Using “The Secret” to Get Laid.

Honestly I barely remember writing this blog, it was really more of a bullshit boredom blog, but you’d be surprised how many people search for:

using the secret to get laid
law of attraction get laid
using the law of attraction to get laid
using the secret for sex
law of attraction to get laid
the law of attraction how to get laid tonight
get laid using law of attraction
law of attraction laid
secret get laid all the time
the secret to getting laid
using the secret to sex

I personally completely believe in the law of attraction, and have really used it to improve my life… and OK get laid.  So whatever, haters.  It works.

7.  Dan and Roseanne Conner’s Floor Plan

I’ve been obsessed with the layout of the house from Roseanne for YEARS and since I’ve been watching twice a morning, like the supreme nerd I am, I’ve been able to work out a near exact 3-D replica and amazingly it made it to the DUNDERTEN!

6.  Why most white trash should be sterilized…

Apparently a couple people took this blog about little Adolph Hitler Campbell a little too seriously…  NO, I don’t in fact believe that people should be sterilized by the government.  I don’t seriously think that the government should have the right to take people’s children away, rename them, then castrate the parents, but the ability to say stuff like that is the glory of DUNDERBRAIN!

5.  The Death of the Christian Right…

This little guy got featured on  Small, very small, like miniature accomplishment but an accomplishment none the less and I’ll take one where I can get it.

4. I know what boys like… 3 convincing FTM’s

When I wrote this blog I really didn’t expect anyone to read it but apparently more people are into trannywatching than I thought.   If I would have known it would make the DUNDERTEN! I would have put more trannies!

3.  Assless Chaps and Children Don’t Mix…

When I birthed this baby I was bitter about not going to the big party, even if I said I wasn’t.  I stick to what I said though, people shouldn’t take their kids to adult themed block parties and shouldn’t go to the Cedar Springs block party and treat it like a point and laugh freak show unless they have the decency to dress like a freak themselves…

2.  10000 Reasons not to see 10000 BC…

Once again – I HATED this movie.  It’s a horribly biased review, but folks read it.

And the top dunderbrain of the year –

1.  The Male Hormonal Cycle…

I think this blog may have offended a couple people… but I think it needs to be talked about!  I’m glad that it made it to the top of the DUNDERTEN!.


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