7 Jan

As the people who love me most already know, technically I don’t exist.  The only real proof of my existence is I have a drivers license, massage license, and the typical birth certificate and social security number, but besides that I have NO paper trail.  After recent experiences, many of the people who once chastised me for not having things like a bank account, car payment, a dozen credit cards (I don’t even have a blockbuster card), and pretty much any form of credit are beginning to fallow my lead.

A good friend of mine recently had some bank trouble.  This is a general rundown of the situation, some of the details might be a bit askew but basically this is how it went down.  First of all his wife’s account went into overdraft.  In the midst of finding a way to alleviate the problem Wells Fargo decided to fix it for them, so they yanked money out of her husbands account and put it in hers.  Even though they had separate accounts the bank still took it upon them to transfer the money.

After that all hell broke loose because they had been using his account to cover bills so it put him *just* in the red.  Of course, just in the red doesn’t mean crap when the non sufficient funds fees start piling up.  So his account went way in the red.  Typical story, yeah I know, but this is where it gets pretty messed up.

A couple days ago his father-in-law called and said a large amount of money had been taken from his account and from what he could tell it had been transferred to my friend’s account.

What kind of Mafioso bullshit is that?  The only link they had between the two was at one point the wife’s account was linked with her father’s, and even though that account had been closed they still had record of it so they made the magic connection and transferred the money without any kind of authorization from any party.  So… if you don’t have the money, we’re going to shake down your family for it… WTF???

When I decided to go “off-line” so to speak some company charged me for face cream I never bought because I had signed up with blockbuster.com or something really stupid like that and didn’t cancel and order I had apparently made in time.  They took this large chunk of money out of my account and, like with my friends, the NSF fees started piling up.

On the upside, I now know exactly how much money I have at all times, I know exactly how much I owe, etc etc.  I live within my means.  I don’t have creditors harassing me like I see in commercials all the time.  Maybe someday I’ll be less jaded but I think I’ll see how 2012 pans out.  If the world’s just going to crumble or switch directions or something like that there’s no use.


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