Drunk Monks Recycle

19 Feb

A group of monks in northeast Thailand don’t just like to drink – they like to get creative when they drink. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew AKA The Temple of Many bottles is comprised completely of glass bottles with concrete reinforcement.

Not only is it made out of old beer bottles, the materials used for the first building were collected by the monks themselves – an apparently they like Heineken. After that the authorities began donating bottles which lead to the construction of their 20 building compound.

I can see why this would be one of the new leading tourist attractions in Asia, I want to go party with THESE monks. I’ve been “Jimmy Buffet Drunk” (and cracked my skull in the process) but these hard core peace loving freaks get “lets drink so much we can build a temple out of the bottles!” drunk!

You have to admire their conservation efforts though, even the mosaic of Buddha they have in the temple is created out of recycled beer caps. Call it conservationist, call it what you will, but I call it drunken genius.

I think it’s funny that in Texas we build sculptures of Elvis out of beer cans and in Thailand they build temples out of Heineken bottles. I freakin love Asian culture.

Read the article here: Drunk Monks Recycle


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