Remember that computer interface Tom Cruise used in Minority Report???

19 Feb

Remember the user interface that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report? Well with iPoint 3D you can do just that. Using a keyboard-like device which can be mounted on the ceiling or built into your coffee table and two firewire cameras to pick up hand and finger gestures make it the ultimate wireless mouse.

Remember how we could only dream of things like this. We were stuck with things like keyboards and mice and other things that require hands. If I could only take a snapshot of all the things I have currently and send it back to myself 20 years…

Like my PSP – a hand-held device like a game boy that you can watch full length movies on, listen to music, and – gasp – access the internet. Yes, I know iPod touch is cooler but lets stick to the point here.

And iTunes, this would have been my prayer. I was one of those kids that bought singles on tape before you could really but them on CD’s. I always thought music ala carte would be absolutely awesome. I used to buy the full CD for one stinkin song, then I’d get tired of it and by that time the CD was too scratched to sell. Now all the music stores are shutting down, people are losing jobs, but oh well, I can get “I hate this part” without buying the entire Pussycat Dolls CD.

Yes I just admitted to buying that song.

Bite me.

Check out the article here : iPoint 3D


One Response to “Remember that computer interface Tom Cruise used in Minority Report???”

  1. Martin 20 February, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    Many moons ago, as a rather earnest boy, I used to watch a programme called “Tomorrow’s World”. It promised me that robots would be doing all of the work, and I’d have a lovely life of leisure. So what happened there?

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