Tell That Biatch to BE COOL

19 Feb


Personally I have never missed a plane. I’ve come very close before, on a southwest flight one time I ran through the velvet rope just as they were closing it. Another time I was drunk as piss eating my Pizza at the wrong gate. But both times I made it.

Now I understand there is a lot of fun stuff to do and buy in airports, many of them are like malls now so it’s easy to get caught up shopping, but how the HELL are you going to get so distracted shopping that you miss your plane? Go to the freakin MALL when you get home and save a few bucks for Jebus sake.

This woman did, and then threw a complete fit about it. Instead of just going to the ticket counter and seeing what arrangements can be made to accommodate her absolute retardedness, she beat on the counters, rolled on the floor, and from the looks of it at one point went behind the counter and tried handling up on things herself.

To top if off she’s Chinese so you can’t understand a syllable of the inane babble that you probably wouldn’t be able to understand anyway, except for her screaming “This is inhumane!”. The kicker was it took her husband plus airport staff to tell her that the next plane would be leaving in a couple hours.

Just watch, you’ll laugh.


One Response to “Tell That Biatch to BE COOL”

  1. Martin 19 February, 2009 at 5:18 pm #

    You’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t behave like that when I missed a plane back from Paris because I was too busy in the duty free shop spending every last penny on cigarettes. But then I was still jubilant that I’d bought a double carton of Camels and only been charged for one. Also I am British – you know, stiff upper lip and all that.

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