Another Classic Band Revamp FAIL.

20 Feb

Yet another classic band revamp FAIL. JD Fortune, the guy that won the stupid little contest to find the next lead singer for INXS is now homeless after the band inevitably failed. Check it out here.

Credence Clearwater Revival tried to do that. It was one of the first concerts that I went to. They played after a New Mexico State University game, and after my hag Amber and I rushed the field to bring down the goal post and nearly got trampled, CCR-R played. That’s Credence Clearwater Revival – Revisted for those of you who didn’t pick up on that.

Anyway, we crowd surfed, we moshed, we smoked a joint with some college kid whose mommy and daddy most likely unwittingly purchased. It was a great time, but all the same it was like going to a Pink Floyd light show when the band isn’t actually playing. It’s like going to see the King Tut exhibit to see the mummy but all you get is the crap they kept his organs in.

The only band that did it right was Sublime. After we lost Bradley, Aaron and Bud formed Long Beach Dub All-Stars, which was basically Sublime without Bradley but they didn’t claim to be Sublime, they were a totally new incarnation.


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