Dear god I miss this woman.

21 Feb

When I was young, there was a huge stink in my tiny town of Roswell, NM over the book “Daddy’s Roommate”, which told the story of a child whose parents were divorced and the father now lived with his gay lover “roommate”.

From what my southern Baptist mother said about the book my little head was filled with pictures of the devil sodomizing a child’s father as he watched, cities crumbling under the strong arm of the homosexual, and general debauchery and non-biblical behavior. I was “into” the Bible at that time.

Then, as I got older and figured out “Holy shit, I’m gay! Everything makes SO much more sense now!” I went to the library and read the book, and found it to be a really touching story which I could see giving a lot of comfort and understanding to the growing number of kids that find themselves in that situation.

Sarah Palin, however, does not share my opinion. She made insinuations about banning books during her mayoral campaign but the McCain party claims no books were ever banned. Her former campaign manager Laura Chase suggested that she read the book, that it was “a sensitve book about showing love for additional family members”.

Douchebag Palin CRINGED.

Considering she’s a “turn homo into hetero” nut, I can imagine this wouldn’t be her favorite book. But CRINGING at the idea of opening her horizons to MODERN situations by reading a book about unconventional families?

All I gotta say is…


Read more here.

BTW I stole the Sarah Palin GIF up there from this site. if they see this and want me to take it down I will but it seemed fitting and made me piddle.


One Response to “Dear god I miss this woman.”

  1. Martin 21 February, 2009 at 4:15 pm #

    A long time ago, when filofax was king and phones were wired to the phone network, a book came out over here called “Jenny lives with Eric and Martin” The left wing GLC (Greater London Council) thought it would be a jolly good idea to make this book available to teachers, enabling them to deal with children who lived in different families.
    The Daily Mail, right wing tabloid, reported this, pretty much, as infant/elementary school age children being forced to read gay propagnda. The Daily Mail and fellow tabloids managed to whip up such a public outcry the the right wing government under Margaret Thatcher brought in Legislation (section 28 of the Local Government Act) banning Local Government from promoting homosexuality. Consequently Councils up and down the land cut grants / funding for anything that was vaguely gay related – in schools, theatres, community groups etc. Promote includes the act of portraying as acceptable.
    That Act was repealed in 2003.

    Should be in search of a cure, I recommend that you turn your thoughts to Sir Elton John. That’ll turn you.

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