Adolf the Dog

23 Feb

Scroll back a bit to my blog about little Adolf Hitler’s birthday cake. The poor kid, and his two siblings with nazi related names, have a dog just waiting for them at a dog pound in germany, little Adolf the Dog.

Adolf, the dog of a old Nazi nut who goes by “Roland T”, a car salesman in Berlin, has been placed with animal control after his owner was jailed for TEACHING HIS DOG A NAZI SALUTE!

That’s right! Just like in the picture, the cute little german shepherd mix will raise his paw all the way up to give a proper “Howl Hitler”. Apparently the police had gone easy on his previous nazi-related behavior because of a brain injury but when Roland T bragged to the police about how he taught his dog to throw a Heil Hitler, which is illegal in Germany, they took his ass straight to jail.

Germany takes this “we ain’t nazi’s no more” business pretty seriously! Now that the crazy bastard is jailed and the dog is in custody, the workers with the animal shelter have been trying to train little Adolf the Dog to stop raising his little paw so high.

I think little Adolf Hitler Campbell’s parents need to make a trip to Germany and adopt a dog. I mean really, how much more white trash would that be?


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