2 Mar

This has to be my new DUNDERFAV. As I sit inside and stare out my window at this bright, shiny, intolerable cold day when I can’t sit at the café and get inspired I will look at ANYTHING I can find online. I get all blocked so my blogs sound like “Sally fields ran track. But Sally Fields is still fat. Did she run track? I don’t know.” So I just delete them.

I just found fmylife.com. You have GOT to go check out this site, it’s absolutely awesome. If you’re having a bad day, if you think your life is screwed, submit your summary of the situation that happened and people give reactions letting you know if yes, your life is indeed F***ed, or if you probably had it coming.

I had a talk with someone today about people and their problems. Everyone has problems, how you choose to deal with them is what makes your life F***ed. I made the mistake of watching “The Secret” Saturday then going to the bar and having a little too much to drink. Well… 3 bars actually. Or 4. Whatever. For some reason I turn into Tony Robbins and give total strangers pep talks about how great of a person they are. Anyway, after watching The Secret I was so excited about the idea of creating my own reality that while stumbling around the bar I felt like I HAD to share it.

So yeah, I may have made a little bit of an ass out of myself. But it was fun. Either way, right now I don’t really feel like my life is very F***ed.

But these people’s are.


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