Blossom Goodchild. I miss you.

4 Mar

So today I was doing a StumbleUpon search for bigfoot and an article titled “Photos, DNA Of Bigfoot To Be Shown At Press Conference” and of course I got a little excited but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t that same story about the dumbass hillbillies from Georgia that stuffed a monkey suit full of dead possums and tried to freeze it in a solid block of ice… in a frost-free freezer. Needless to say their hoax was exposed…

I went ahead and clicked on, the homepage of the people that promoted the discovery but were unaware of the hoax to see what they’ve been up to lately. It seems like they’ve tried to separate themselves from the story as much as possible, but it makes me think of the other major “hoax” of last fall – Blossom Goodchild’s mass UFO sighting FAIL.

6 months ago I was anxiously awaiting a date that now I can’t even remember. I think it was October 11 maybe, but in case you’ve forgotten as well Australian actress and author Blossom Goodchild predicted that the Galactic Federation of Light would fly into our skies for the entire world to see, breaking open the truth of life on other planets.

Needless to say the GFL never showed. I was excited about it, just the shear stink on the web surrounding it was enough to draw me in. Did I really expect a giant ship to appear in the sky? I would say hoped more than expected, but what has Ms Goodchild been up to since then?

Absolutely nothing from what I can tell. I checked her website and it looks exactly the same as before the failed sighting. I guess it’s hard to retrieve respect when you piss off that many new age nerds. I miss her though, she needs to pop off with some new prediction so I can have something new to wait for.


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