5 Mar

GET READY DUNDERHEADS! The last REAL week in March marks the first annual White Trash Week on DUNDERBRAIN! Here at DUNDERBRAIN we celebrate our white trash roots and everything that comes along with them. From things like Noodling that we looked at in yesterday’s entry to toilet bowl planters to the ever infamous mullet, we loves the essence of our lowest common denominator.

What is White Trash Week? It’s a week long online white trash party. March 22-28 everything featured on the website will be white trash oriented and be sure to eject a laugh or two. I really want to get as much original content as possible, be it pictures (original or your favorites from the web) videos, links, anything that our DUNDERHEADS out there love about white trash.

Just to show how hilariously tasteless this event will be, I sent out an invite on facebook last night around midnightish and by 8am 11 people have already flat out refused the invitation. Like they were saying “You know, we’re too good for this event, and we don’t even know how cool it’s going to be.”

Come check out the facebook invite here.

Email me any content you want featured on the site to JustinThymeRMT@yahoo.com. I want to get as much in as possible before March 22 when we officially kick off the event. Keep checking DUNDERBRAIN.com for updates.


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