Then it hit me – I freakin HATE cards!

8 Mar

Lately, as mentioned before, I’ve been using poker as a metaphor for love. Texas hold ‘em in particular, and to me at least it really makes sense. It’s helped me to put dating into a perspective that I can understand, but then this morning as I’m laying in bed meditating on my life, I realized I freakin HATE card games!

I always have. My closest group of friends all play this little game called “shit head”. It’s a fun enough game but it’s just WAAAAY too analog for me. I always feel like asking “can we play this on the Wii instead?” The only game I enjoy playing at all is poker, and that’s more for the atmosphere and socialization.

My real problem is I keep finding excuses for myself NOT to date, which works out all nice and shiny except I really don’t want to be old and bitter – and single. If I’m gonna be old and bitter, I want someone there to appreciate it – even if it is a paid professional. Someone once told me that’s how he defined old, when you started having to pay for sex.

Anyway, the only game I’ve ever liked was solitaire, because there’s nobody around to tell you when you’re breaking the rules. And really, all the other games get the deck all shuffled up. Solitaire is the only game where at the end of each round won the deck is replaced to perfect order.


One Response to “Then it hit me – I freakin HATE cards!”

  1. Martin 8 March, 2009 at 9:06 am #

    And the problem with being old and bitter is…..? I’m quite looking forward to being rude and umpleasant, whilst making young people give up their seat for me on the bus.
    And no, I’m not there yet. Thank you.
    Take care. Mx

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