Goddamned Salt Shakers.

9 Mar

I think, with many budding relationships, the biggest threat – even more than cuter boys – is their damned friends. For some reason, especially in the gay community friends can be the biggest salt shakers known to man…

Its always the same story, they get their friend’s new boo off in a corner by themselves and start spilling just enough information to make the new boo insecure about their current situation. They act like they don’t know that there’s something going on between you and their friend, like you’re just some “new friend” that’s come around and they drop some tid bit about a guy their friend was recently dating, or some obscure event which puts them perfectly in the wrong light.

And it’s always the same pathetic, poor lonely saps who are far too dependant on their friend in question that do it. They can’t stand the thought of any threat to their friendship which relationships, if good, inevitably always are. No matter what the stupid bullshit Freudian explanation may be, I think it’s sad and sick to prevent your friend from pursuing love because you’re insecure about being alone yourself.

I am blessed with exceptional friends, in my opinion at least. In a sense I think many of my friends are protective of me because they’ve seen my personal heartbreak and 808 first hand, but for the most part are very supportive of what I do. A friend of mine told me the other day in conversation about the bro-code, and a bunch of these little gay boys and fag hags in the world need to familiarize themselves with it. Your bro is not your bitch, don’t treat them that way. If anything over-beef your friend, make them seem like an even better person than they are, or even better – STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Like my imaginary overweight country momma used to say, “if you can’t say nothin nice, go sit next to that ugly girl sitting by herself. She’s the only one that really gives a shit.”


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