…the harder they fall!

17 Mar


I was honored when I was asked to write a political blog for DUNDERBRAIN.com. But, when I heard I should keep my HPO’s—that’s ‘Hot Politico Opinions’ fo’ ya’ll ignorant folkz—to 250 words a blog?… shit… I had to go to a secret place inside my cranium and channel some Andy Rooney. And in very much a ‘Rooney-esc’ moment, I realized… that people are so ADD these days, no one stops to take the time to really and truly—what? Oh, right 250 words.

I heard a lyric the other day. It was a fascinating lyric. Being somewhat of a superstitious feller I couldn’t help but believe that the lyric was being sung directly to me… for a reason. A secret code I could decipher as a compass to maneuver thru this mad, mad, mad, mad world. OR, is that considered a mental disorder?!? Hang on, let me check my DSM IV real quick!

Yet, this upstart Australian lassie makes an honest and raw argument. She sings: “…the world’s a better place when it’s upside down.” Now, to an Australian living near crystal clear waters and miles upon miles of corral reefs, yeah… I’m sure it IS a much better place upside down. But, everyone seems to forget that when you travel to the interior of that island, there are high concentrated populations of lethal animals and socio-pathic offspring of convicts, criminals and prisoners. Basically, Arkansas with a beach.

But this beach bitch understands, that in order for us peasants to have a fair shot at that outplayed, blingy and cliché phrase—the ‘American Dream’ (even though she’s Australian herself)—that the Titans of Wall Street, the jack-Mad-offs and BLAH-gos, the Sen. Craigs and Gov. Jindals, the lethal animals of the Limbaughnious coultermandering species had to fall. And fall they did!.. or, falling they are? (Ugh, grammar rules!)

Either way, these Giants are continuing to fall at an exponential rate. The world they knew yesterday has been turned upside down today. I gather that while most of them were counting and hoarding our $$ for all those many years, that the other shoe was preparing to drop. Unfortunately for them, when it did, they literally dropped right into the po’ man’s shoes. And bitch, we got our shoes at Wal-Mart for less than $20! So, like any new species thrust into a new ecosystem, the Darwin rules still apply. Oops, I guess evolution DOES exist!


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