I freakin FOLD.

19 Mar

Last year I wrote a blog about schadenfreud, which is basically the enjoyment gained from watching the misery of others. What is it about negativity that can become so completely addictive? Just like people who often suffer from schadenfreud, overly negative people seem just as addicted to the unproductive behavior.

I recently dated this guy, pretty sweet kid but HORRIBLY addicted to negativity. He had a little dog that he yelled at all the time, a cat that he hated because it turned out to be female, and friends that he would constantly have petty, irrelevant fights with. When we met it burned real hot until we both discovered that we pretty much got on each other’s nerves.

The day I decided to stop taking his calls his friend had called me rattling on about some fight they got into, like I somehow cared. Then the guy I was seeing got pissy with me over the same, petty situation. I think he wanted to go to game stop or something and nobody would give him a ride, super irrelevant… anyway, even though I knew that the guy didn’t really have feelings for me, instead of just letting it go like it should have been, he decides to call me at 9pm to tell me about my lack of testicular fortitude.

Needless to say I didn’t answer.

But the kid was so addicted to negative energy that he had to make himself into a victim. Not to mention that I absolutely LOVE when people drunk dial me and make an absolute fool out of themselves (I love it even more when it’s 9pm and they’re already drunk dialing me. Makes me wonder how the rest of the night went!). Needless to say, I FOLD.

If this was the only person I had dated like that I would just cut my losses and fahghettaboutit, but I have known WAAAAY too many people chronically addicted to negativity. It’s like it infests our minds, rotting away logic and filling its place with pain. I have been in long-term relationships with people who were like that, they just didn’t know how to be happy. It was like the whole relationship existed in negative energy until the final horrid break up.

I wish I could just sit everyone down like Alex from A Clockwork Orange and make them listen to Boards of Canada while watching “The Secret”. Between the awesome, relaxed, laid back groove spun out by Boards and the amazing message in The Secret, I don’t see how any negative-addicted person could still be standing.


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