Senator Tells Special Needs Child She’s Stupid.

20 Mar

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

What flew up this lady’s nose? Sen. Linda Gray received an email from a 9th grade student asking why they were cutting funding to education. The email was poorly written and contained no punctuation, and asked why the senator had not cut her own budget. Thinking she was clever, Sen. Gray sent a reply basically saying the money the state had spent on the 9th grade girl’s education had been wasted, and that the little girl was a poor learner.

Guess what, SHE WAS. It’s called a learning disability… not at all her fault.

So the senator said that she didn’t know the little girl had special needs. What a presumptuous hag! It’s a NINTH GRADER… You would think an elected official would have a little broader of a spectrum than that, or at least a shred of compassion.

She’s since apologized, and said “I don’t know what got into me that day”… Seriously, what a self esteem crusher! I’m SURE the little girl what more than aware of her own difficulty learning, she didn’t need the wicked witch of Arizona reinforcing it for her.

Since when did they let politicians handle stuff like that themselves? I’ve sent HUNDREDS of well written, thought out letters and emails to the government but all I get back are prefab broad subject letters written by some Douche in the mail room.

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