Someone please take away this girl’s crack pipe.

20 Mar

OMG. Courtney Love just posted a new blog, apparently after hitting her crack pipe REAL BIG. It’s titled “Curt’s Dead”. Yes, ya slutty ho, we know that the biggest rock icon of our time is, in fact dead.

I used to really like courtney love, I thought she was a lot of fun. But really, the girl needs to stop smoking crack then posting blogs. I don’t think a lot of people realize the draw the internet has, I’ve made it a point now (even though a few I did were BRILLIANT) NEVER to drunk blog. If I’m not in my right head I just avoid the computer all together. There’s nothing worse than realizing you posted the morning after and your blog’s alread gotten a few thousand hits.

What the hell is she even talking about in her little blog here? She goes on and on about people using the last name Cobain for fraudulent purposes, but beyond that i couldn’t derive any sense from it whatsoever. Can you?

Read it here. I swear myspace only featured it to make fun of her.


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