31 Mar

Over the past week DUNDERBRAIN! celebrated it’s first anual White Trash Week. In choosing the White Trash Idol many people come to mind, and I had actually solidified on my first pick – but the past week of this woman’s ramblings, bloggings, and twitterings caused the tide to shift a bit. Who is the White Trash Idol 09??? Who else but Ms. Courtney Love.

Lately Ms Love has been a bit of a flap fingers with the social networks and all it’s done for her is proven she has no concept of grammar, spelling, or relevance to society for that matter. And that she’s most likely a heavy methamphetamine user, but OF COURSE that’s total speculation…

When I was a young angry teenager I used to LOVE Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and of course, Hole. Pretty much anything wearing black or flannel. I wore elephant leg jeans, layers, flannel shirts, basically general lesbian drag. One of my favorite accessories were doll heads on necklaces, like that Hole song “Doll Parts”. I was a grungey little boy.

Now I wear Nautica, DKNY, and lots of Aeropostale. My favorite accessory is my pair of Armani Exchange aviators. I get my hair did at Ulta instead of having a friend from school cut it then dye it with coolaide. And of course, I no longer wear doll parts strung around my neck.

Now, one of my favorite rock icons from my youth has gone completely white trash. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! We love trash of ANYKIND here at DUNDERBRAIN! so here’s to you Miss Clover, you’ll always be the First Queen of White Trash in our hearts.

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