1 Apr

DUNDERBRAIN!’s Favorites for Spring (additions will be made)

Jarrito’s Mexican Soda –
lately I’ve been trying to ween myself off Dr Pepper, and all dark sodas. Jarrito’s aren’t diet, and they probably are loaded with sugar, but at least it’s cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. One of these every few days is the PERFECT treat.

Twitter – For the longest time I thought Twitter was stupid and avoided it at all costs, then I broke down, fed my social network addiction and got a Twitter account. Now I have Twitter handing all my status updates, I have twitter for google desktop, and I TXT in my tweets. All hail the TWITTER revolution.

Scarborough Fair – Every spring Scarborough Renaissance Fair opens in the DFW Metroplex. Located in BFE just south of Dallas, make sure and take plenty of cash with you because there’s a ton of food – and BEER BEER BEER. And wine. And mead. And more Beer. And wenches singing at the tavers. And funny dressed people to make fun of. And guys giving samples of roasted legumes inviting you to “taste their nuts”. Can you tell I’m excited?

Vitamin Water Tranquillo and Sync – Vitamin Water’s two new flavors are freakin WOW. Sync (Berry + Cherry) is fruity and punchy while Tranquillo (tamarind + pineapple) is reminiscent of Mexican soda. Vitamin Water may be loaded with sugar but again, like Jarrito’s, no high fructose corn syrup is used. Instead VW uses crystalline fructose.

Spring Layers – With the weird Texas weather lately spring layers are vital. I usually sport a t-shirt and cargo shorts with a long sleeve t tied around my waist in case it gets chilly. Two t-shirts are usually plenty for a light chill, plus with complimentary fabrics and a good fit you can keep the look sporty and away from the early 90’s baggy homeless gig.

Neon Glitter Bliss – I found this band while watching Logo one day and their song “Wilted Flower” immediately appeared on my iTunes. They’re a great bubbly band that will really get you geared up for spring. Their music reminds me of sunny days, candy, and cute boys. All the essentials for spring.

Shock Top Ale – My BFF Eric and I discovered this beer at the Mellow Mushroom in Fort Worth a week or so ago. We’re both trying this weat beer diet thing (it’s supposed to be better for you or something) so the waiter suggested Shock Top. With an orange wedge for garnish it’s a very refreshing beer, perfect for an afternoon at the peanut butter café.

Classic TV shows – This spring I have been all about the old TV shows: Bonanza, Gomer Pyle USMC, Adam 12, Dragnet, Laverne and Shirley… From the campy bad acting to the blunt political incorrectness of the era, there is a reason these shows are classics. Turn on TV Land and give these old shows a fresh look!

PATRON! – Patron is true for all seasons, but this one in particular it has definitely been a favorite of mine. Even though it’s a more expensive shot at the bar it’s DEFINITELY worth it. Not to mention it feels all special at the bar when they dress it with salt and lime.

SomaFM – Looking for great streaming radio? SomaFM is the place to get it. Groove Salad is a staple at the Peanut Butter Café, and lately Drone Zone has been the soundtrack while I work giving people great massages.

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