2 Apr


Today Obama met with President Lee Myung-bak concerning North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. What did they determine? That they have them. Yup, big knews I know, right? But what really kills me is the US is still doing nothing about it.

I hesitate to question or criticize Obama just yet because he’s only been playing ball for 3 months, his tactics and methodology aren’t fully clear to me. I haven’t figured out his strategy beyond the basic bluntness that he so beautifully embraces. He’s a very forward person from what I can tell, so why is he dancing around this one? There’s the illusion of confronting the issue, but it’s met with a general avoidance.

he pentagon KNOWS that North Korea is most likely performing tests on long range missiles disguised as a communications satellite TODAY. How do they know it’s just a test? Why would a tiny country like that test a nuclear missile when they can just but the technology from someone who’s already tested it? What is to say they’re not about to launch a big fat BOMB at us today?

The thing that absolutely KILLS me is that the pentagon KNOWS North Korea has nuclear capability, they know that they are “moving fuel trucks and fueling equipment to a coastal launch site” and Obama is the first to really address it, but Dub-Yah jumped on Iraq for POSSIBLY having weapons of mass destruction. POSSIBLY. Then it turned out they probably didn’t. What the eff, man?

Japan, along with several other countries is well prepared for this launch. North Korea has announced that any interception efforts or monitoring of the launch will be met with military action. What has the US said? Nothing. We have no interception plans. A journalist even yelled out of turn asking Obama if he had concerns about the launch which was ignored.

With so many issues I’m sure Obama is like a new property manager walking into a crumbling apartment building saying “You seriously haven’t fixed this yet?” He’s shut down Guantanamo Bay but where are they sending the prisoners to? Even though I’ve given a high-brow to a few of this administration’s moves already, I’m STILL thankfull that we didn’t elect these two!


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  1. Martin 2 April, 2009 at 11:46 am #

    For some reason whenever I think of North Korea (which isn’t often) I picture Team America.
    I quite like the adds that came up with this blog – “Join our free spy club”. Think I’ll earn you another two cents. Don’t spend it all at once!

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