2 Apr

Why is SEX Just Not Enough?

The face of dating has dramatically changed over the past decade, either that or I have just been extremely sheltered. When did sex become not enough? Since when does a person have to have a “sexual scene”? I think the trend really started around 2000 or so when everyone got this little contraption in their homes known as a Personal Computer. Since then, the internet has ruined the face of dating forever.

Someone made a comment to me, while discussing this subject that the internet had made people more free, and somewhere along the line they just got lost in it. People have the freedom to explore their fetishes, and pick up a few new ones on the way. It’s like the internet is the world’s greatest sexual gateway drug. People have the opportunity to find out about strange and bizarre kink that they never knew existed, and I think once a person begins exploring the taboo it’s no longer a novelty and they begin to loose track that what is acceptable and not acceptable in society.

But what is acceptable? Who determines that besides the population, which are now turning into a society of internet porn loving perverts? Somewhere along the line people have lost track of WHERE to draw the line. The concept of monogamy has been completely thrown out the window, especially with people of my generation. I guess my fondness for traditional monogamy is the old lady in me coming out, but what the heck is wrong with having a single sexual and romantic partner?

Lately it seems like when I talk to a lot of people online I get a permanent high brow. It still shocks me as to what some people with throw right out there, within the first few minutes of talking. The question “what are you into?” is always the first line off most people’s fingers, and they don’t mean romantic movies and long walks on the beach. Since when did I have to be “into” something? I’m only 28 and I can remember the good old days when a person’s sexual likes and dislikes were discovered not announced.

The internet has killed dating forever. The whole “make em wait” thing doesn’t work anymore because if they wait too long they’ll just find someone online to loose interest in. I would say that it saves you from wasting your time, but if you don’t waste your time now what else is there to waste it on?


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  1. Martin 3 April, 2009 at 3:19 pm #

    I like the idea of you coming out as an old lady. I mean that in a nice way, I like old ladies. But not in that way….
    I like and agree with what you say. How come I dodn’t get conversations like yours? grrrr.
    I’ll go away and think of something with which to dampen your cynicism…. Mx

  2. Anonymous 23 April, 2009 at 7:40 am #

    That is the result of throwing out traditional values; everything goes with them. They used to say, “don’t throw out the baby with the bath” but because young people have flagrantly rejected the values of their parents, now anything goes and nothing has any intrigue any more. We have no ruler to compare right and wrong, no moral compass. (mom)


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