5 Apr

So I watch a movie… at a friend’s today.

I won’t say the whole title of the movie but it starts with an X and doesn’t come out in theaters until next month. How is this possible? The magic of the internet. Why is it wrong? Because the impact that a leak like this could have on the Box Office sales could threaten the future of it’s franchise.

Although box office sales aren’t the only thing that influences how good a movie does it still has a huge impact. If a bunch of stupid fan boys pick up this movie and (as they ALWAYS do) talk badly about it just because they can. And even though they will critique a movie to the last detail to prove their ultimate knowledge of the canon, every single one of them will still go see it in iMax, dollar movie, buy the video game, Blue Ray, Special Edition Blue Ray, and iTunes. For some people it’s just easier to be negative.

Anyway, as I watched this greatly anticipated movie, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty, like I had cheated. Like I was unfairly getting something other people weren’t. The effects were incomplete, many were just stand in CGI models, like a very rough draft. It was like seeing a painting before the artist is finished, still progressing to the finished copy. At the same time it was pretty cool, it was like seeing a whole step of the creation process that you normally aren’t privy.

No matter, I will still check this movie out in the iMax. I won’t reveal any details except the action sequences are absolutely amazing. I’m really looking forward to 3-D which I’m SURE they’ll do.


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