7 May

Wait – Weren’t we scared of the horse flu or cow flu or something?

Last week Swine Flu was all the rage. As I wrote earlier in the week, yadda yadda yadda. Schools were released until further notice. Three days ago #N1H1 and #swineflu were the top trending topics on twitter. People were taking this “plague” very seriously… Then suddenly yesterday people were talking about Kobe and #hobonames again… what the hell happened to the virus that was supposed to take out most of North America?

The media has us wrapped around the governments little finger so tightly that we’re distracted by the slightest attempt at scare tactics. Really, they don’t even have to try anymore. All someone has to do is find an outbreak of an illness that just sounds wicked and say “your children are gonna get sick and die!” then immediately everyone is smearing their noses with Neosporin and popping Zicam until they can’t taste or smell and start to hear colors. Have we seriously become so blind that we will allow the media to direct our thought COMPLETLEY? Didn’t anyone ever see/read “True Colors”?

This morning on the news, just a day after my roommate told me he heard about someone dying in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex from it, the reporter said that we could stop freaking out over swine flu for a while. The CDC says that we’re going to wait and see how it takes hold in other countries first…

So riddle me this Batman, what laws were passed over the past couple weeks? What progress/digress was made in foreign affairs? What the HELL did we miss while everyone was worried about catching the flu?

The Taliban is back on the rise. I did a search on “Taliban” in Google News and it came back with plenty of results, mainly stories about it’s growth. Isn’t this something that would take priority over freakin SWINE FLU?

I did another search for “new law” in the past week on Google as well. As it turns out, Maine signed a gay marriage law and New Hampshire isn’t far either. We totally missed that one! The law hasn’t been passed yet and may be subject to statewide voting but it’s a start.

Miss California had some nudie pics turn up. HUGE surprise…

Whatever we missed I am still missing. But I’m sure that was the point. After Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Red Flu, Blue Flu I think I’ve got the Flu Flu – AKA freakin sick of hearing about the flu.

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  1. Martin 7 May, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    The person who died in your neck of the woods had other health complications too.
    Joanna Lumley’s having a bit of a fight with the uk government about allowing retired Gurkas to stay here.
    The economy’s not doing that well.
    etc etc

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