7 May

You wouldn’t believe the biggest loser I ran into today…

Earlier today my BFF and I went to the park and had a picnic. It was a great day, warm and humid but overcast enough to keep it from feeling horrible. We stopped under a canopy of trees and ate our subway foot long sandwiches, since we’re both comfortable enough with our sexuality to do so (AKA we’re both gay as getup).

Anyway, After we finished our sandwiches we continued walking down the trail, both of us wearing flip flops, the ideal footwear for long walks… as the balls of my feet began to swell and throb with each step the path emerged from the woods, over the river, and into a neighborhood park… in this park was a group of women and one drop-dead gorgeous man.

“It looks like the guy from the biggest loser!” My BFF said but of course I laughed it off. We sat down on the bench next to where the group was getting down and dirty with their pilates balls and one of the girls said “Look we have an audience.”

“Oh we’re not staying don’t worry,” I said but they were very welcoming. One of the girls started saying something about the biggest loser which I thought was funny since my friend had just mentioned something about that as well.

Still, I couldn’t keep my grubby little eyes off this guy. He was GORGEOUS. Like with a capital GORGEOUS. Looking at this man was like candy for your eyes – straight, gay, male, female, I don’t care what you are or what your orientation many be ANYONE could appreciate this perfect male specimen. I really tried to keep from staring over but of course we caught ourselves casually walking by the group several times.

Finally we left the poor people alone and headed back home. We were both mystified by this gorgeous guy and laughed about the whole “Biggest Loser” thing. Then, once we got back to my place a little brain cell flickered on and I remembered I was going to look up the trainer from Biggest Loser – and what did I find? Bob Harper, of of their trainers – and just happens to be a man that looks STRIKINGLY similar to the guy I saw at the park. Why didn’t I take a picture? I didn’t want to seem like a total creep. Usually I’m pretty good about covert snapshots with my phone but these ladies were trying to work out, it just felt wrong to take pics of them. Yeah, I’m a sucky paparazzi. Get over it.

But yeah, I totally swear it was him.

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  1. Linzy M 8 May, 2009 at 12:14 am #

    He IS delish!

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