8 May

I think I spotted what they were trying to hide with Swine Flu…

This morning I was checking all my favorite blogs, one of them being the Gay TV Blog on gay.com. I had NO idea there was a movie being made surrounding Salvador Dali’s life! But I was totally broadsided when I saw that Robert Pattinson (hottie from Twilight that all the little girls are going crazy over with the sparkling abs) will be playing Dali in “Little Ashes” – and the movie emphasizes the romantic relationship between Dali and Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Apparently the little Twilight star was nervous about being with a boy – on screen at least. Something about that hair and pretty boy face tells me it wasn’t his first time. I think it’s funny how Dali had such an aversion to sexuality yet the movie focuses on his sexual relationship with a man…

So if I don’t like midgets will they focus the movie of my life around my relationship with them? If I don’t like fish will they make my movie centered on my loathing relationship with fish? I wonder what Dali would say about “Little Ashes” if he were alive to see it today?

Check out this little clip from “Little Ashes” where Robert Pattinson shares a *steamy* kiss with actor Javier Beltran.

BTW When are all these Robert Pattinsons and Zach Efrons of the world going to CUT THEIR FREAKIN HAIR??? At least wash it, damn. I’m so sick of this long greasy hair crap that everyone loves so much right now.

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