9 May

Tell that b!tch to be cool…

There’s nothing that annoys me more than people that think bitching about something will get them their way. Most of the time they just bitch to bitch, they put themselves in positions where going into it they know in some way they’ll be victimized. This video is a PRIME example.

The first woman absolutely kills me. She’s sitting at the drive through of Popeye’s Chicken on they day they had the “8 Piece for $4.99” special, screaming into the microphone about how unfair it was that she couldn’t feed her family now because they were out of chicken. “You mean we can’t feed our kids because you’re out of chicken?” She said. First off she’s in an AVALANCHE, not a cheap vehicle. Second, THERE’S NOBODY THERE! The entire building was empty; since the CHICKEN place was out of chicken they had closed and sent everybody home.

So if the $4.99 special at Popeye’s is the ONLY thing you can afford to feed your family yet you drive an effin Avalanche, maybe your priorities are a little off? Seriously, on a completely non-racist note if you live in a community with a large African American community and only a couple Popeye’s, why didn’t you anticipate them running out of chicken?

One time I waited in line for nearly half an hour at Long John Silvers on the first day of Lent. The employees were going crazy inside because they had topped their sales for the entire year – and were almost out of fish. Every culture is drawn to it’s own style of food. Food is one of the many things that defines us as a people and since it is in fact perishable, sometimes we run out of food. It happens.

At the end of the video it shows the same woman saying “and that’s all I have to say” and shuts her car door. There was nobody there to begin with! She wasn’t the only one either, everyone seemed to have something to say about the chicken place that ran out of chicken. Some people swore they’d never come back even though YOU KNOW they will. It just goes to show that some people with bitch about anything they can even if nobody is on the other side of the drive through to listen. Watch the video and I know you’ll agree.

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