As I go quietly into the night…

25 May

As I go quietly into the night…

Things have gone quiet at DUNDERBRAIN! And oh, where to begin. The Internet died at my house last week but since I’ll be moving out in a few days anyway there was no reason to cause a fuss. As the machine from Matrix Revolutions said “there are levels of existance we’re prepared to live with”. Besides that the library has free wifi and it’s 2 blocks away.

Then the most horrible thing happened… My laptop converted into a perpetual restart machine. It won’t start in safe mode, or any other mode for that matter. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw when her computer died, every project I had was on it.

I’m taking it to get looked at but it’s still very scary. I write to you now from my iPod Touch through BlogPress app so for the next week or so things will be a bit quiet around here for a bit.

I’m gonna miss you the most scarecrow 😦


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