4 Jun

It’s 7:27 am and I just accidentally watched a full episode of Degrassi. It comes on CW every morning and every night I fall asleep watching late night sitcoms on the same channel so if m up before Roseanne comes on.

I’m always sucked in by the stupid teenage Canadian drama and cheap humor. I guess I’m just brain dead enough in the morning to appreciate it.

I’m still getting used to blogging with a keyboard literally the size of my thumb. I mean sure it’s a huge thumb but a thumb no less. I actually sat down with a “pen” and “note-book” made of paper and tried to write a story but the analog-nes of it made me vomit all over the paper and it was ruined.

I miss my laptop. I miss writing with my entire hand, all five fingers instead of being all thumbs. To top it off I’m leaving for upstate New York in five days and only a thumb-sized keyboard and no camera to doccument it with. Donations??? LOL

I’m excited about stepping back into 1927 though. Well, 1927 with wifi. I’ll be trading tv for Internet buy to me that’s a pretty fair trade.


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