Only in dreams…

4 Jun

I just arrived at my “summer haven” in the mountains of upstate new York and my only blogging tool is mix ipod touch. It was a long 27 hour drive but we made it!

It’s beautiful here… And I’m having a bit of an Erie moment. I’ve written before about my reoccuring dream sequences, how for long periods of time I’ll basically live one life in the waking world and a completely seperate, sequential life in my dreams.

The place has always felt familiar to me. Tonight , since we were the first ones here I gave myself a personal, private tour of the entire grounds. I explored areas that I had never ventured before and I realized this IS my dream world!

It was like concious déjà vu. I still don’t completely know what to think of it but it was pretty cool.

Definitely more updates soon!

— Post From My iPod Touch


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