Things get strange…

6 Jun

It’s still a week before the first camp arrives and two weeks before the main group gets here and it’s pretty strange being the only one on the site at night.

People haven’t been here, like, at ALL in 9 months so the wilderness is still wild. I was just outside looking at all the amazing stars here and I began to hear movement in front I me. I figured it was a rat or squirrel.

Then I heard that strange ultrasonic chirp of bats which once I thought about it wasn’t so bad, I use Biolage and fruity body wash and hair products so they eat the bugs that bug me.

Then larger movement from behind me. This started Making me nervous because I realized I was now a stranger on their turf instead of when i’m usually here and 50 or so people have been trodding around the area for a couple months. I was like white tourist in central America during the off-season.

So I came inside and decided the stars could wait until some more humans came around to help me establish our species domination of the area. We’ll give it back in a few months or so.

— Post From My iPod Touch

One Response to “Things get strange…”

  1. Martin 8 June, 2009 at 4:32 pm #

    Out of casual interest, what are you doing there? (vacation, working, hiding from wildlife etc).

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