Obama smacked the DAMN out of that fly who gives a poop if he throws like a girl.

15 Jul

Good morning DUNDERLAND, I’ve been very quiet recently since I’m stuck up in the wilderness without a laptop of my own but I HAD to steal someones for a minute to regain a connection with the outside world.

Most of the news I get is from facebook links that people post, I can’t remember the last time I saw a working TV much less a real news broadcast.  Today I found a link headlined with “Did Barack Obama Blow His All-Star Game First Pitch?” and my eyes rolled ALL the way back in my bead.  I clicked the link and the typical paranoid conservative nut job that crapped the story out went on to say how FOX’s camera angle was bad so you couldn’t see the pitch, but he did a little research and re posted what journalists who were there had to say.

Check the article out here.

The thing that KILLS me is some crap chute called the Weekly Standard and some douche bag Will Leitch made comparisons to George Dubyah and really that’s fine – throwing a ball is THE ONLY thing that made could do halfway decently.  If you can single handedly destroy the economy of the most powerful nation in the world, send millions off blindly to die, and commit various other general crimes against humanity DAMN STRAIGHT you better know how to throw a baseball!
Now skip back a couple weeks.

Did anyone see this video?

HELL YEAH!!!  He got that sucker.  I can’t TELL you how turned on I am after seeing that.  Just the determination, concentration, and eventual satisfaction in his expression is just STEAMY.  Anyway, back to the point.  After the broadcast was aired all the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) freaks got their panties in a bunch.  REALLY?  Yes.  They even sent him a device which traps a fly so you can let it go at a later time.  We just got a device that’s like a bug zapper that instead of zapping the bugs it lures them in with a pretty light then sucks them through a fan into a little cage.  So instead of dying a quick, electrical death they starve in a cage.

I kinda like that way better.

Anyway, if all you can find to criticize the best president we’ve had in a minute is his ability to throw a baseball or killing a fly that’s fine.  I can rattle a dozen right off the top of my head about the last douche bag we had in office.

One Response to “Obama smacked the DAMN out of that fly who gives a poop if he throws like a girl.”

  1. Martin 28 July, 2009 at 4:38 am #

    I laughed (lots) when PETA went into one becuase Obama swatted a fly! Maybe they should concentrate on issue like intensive farming? (oh yes, I've got issues with that!)
    Glad to hear you're alive and well, and keeping up with world news.
    (oh, whilst you've been in the wilderness, Castro's taken over and you've got a fully functioning healthservice free at the point of delivery, etc etc) So not much has happened. Mxx

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