Hungover Babble…

15 Aug

First off, can I say how much youtube is starting to SUCK ASS since everybody and their mom has a guitar/keyboard/ukulele/kazoo and a built-in webcam in their pretentious little macbooks (I say that because I’m jealous and want one. I want to be pretentious too…). It’s next to impossible to find a real video of a real song, everyone has a crappy little cover of someone else’s song that they’ve posted up on the youtube, especially weepy whiney singers like Tori Amos and Ani Difranco… who I admittedly love and want to watch videos of all the time. I could care less about an ugly little fat lesbian girl singing “her version” of “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

Anyway, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Tonight is the last night of the last show I’m wigging for this summer, then tomorrow is the last night before all the students leave and the hill is calm again – which I only get to enjoy for a night before I ditch out of here at 3am on wednesday morning. Tensions are high… everyone is getting on everyone else’s nerves… the Chorus in this show have been bigger divas than the Principles… there are a few people whose heads I’d love to hold under water until the bubbles stop… but beyond that the week’s been great!

So last night the tech director, a 22 year old that stands an inch shorter than me at 6’7″ told me to shimmy over to their cabin after the show to play a “game”. Mind you, this is the same tech director that pierced my ears with 4 gauge needles, gave me an industrial bar, and on a separate occasion “made me dance” with an air powered nail gun… so yeah, I was a bit nervous but I shimmied over anyway.

The “game” he spoke of was called “The ONE”. This game is the devil, it’s like drunk monopoly, combining nearly every drinking game known to man. With each space you land on comes a new drinking task. When I walked in the Tech Director’s piercing kit was out, apparently one of the cards drawn was “get pierced” so he ended up with a surface bar on his arm. I sat down, chose the little wooden cross as my piece because nothing seemed more appropriate, and within half an hour I had burned through three canned coors lights.

By the time I went to bed, three people were left in their underwear from landing on the “strip tease” square on the board too many times and the Tech Director, who has an impenetrable tolerance for alcohol was actually drunk for the first time I had seen the entire summer. After that I ended up somehow staying up until 4-mother-effin-AM with one of the guest singers who I knew from this program last year catching him up on all of the wonderful adventures this summer has held.

Today I feel like horse shit hammered through a pasta strainer. My flawless hangover cure (2 b-complex multivitamins, 2 excedrine, and a tall glass of water) didn’t even scratch this hangover. My blood alcohol level said “BITCH PLEASE! There ain’t no pills that can help your drunk ass!”. So about an hour and a half left before lunch time then it’s lights out for Justin Thyme until dinner time.

Justin out.


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