I carry on and on and on…

25 Aug

Here I sit in an anonymous library in an anonymous town somewhere far away from the close comforts of the 50 people I spent the last three months coexisting with.  Its like I’m one of those abductees that take forever to readjust to life in the free world.

Except I enjoyed my captivity.

Now that I’m back though it’s like watching a season premier of your favorite TV drama.  You know, you watch the premier and say “what the eff, everything is different now!” Like to start, the producers of my little sitcom show of a life have me carrying a new cell phone, the first thing I did when I came home was pay my phone bill – which had been canceled – so it ended up being cheaper to just buy a new phone and start a new plan.

Then they went and modified my appearance – I now have a totally different haircut and three new holes in my head –  and pretty dramatic ones at that.  I threw a blond patch in my hair at some point over the summer, even my wardrobe has updated.

the location is changing which adds to the drama even more – “Where will he end up next?”  I’m supposed to be apartment hunting today so the setting will be completely different from last season.  Also, there have been guest appearances from previous love interests – dot dot dot…

So here I go – to the bar and grill wifi heaven place with my future roommate to search for a place online.  Lets hope we find something good and I have a place to live on the first of the month!



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